The Spirit of Ider Music Department

Ider High School Ider, AL

Ider School Bands 2013 - 2014

Music at Ider is an important factor in many students daily life's during their tenure in school. We work hard to keep the tradition of the Ider Bands alive. Any donations are welcomed and can be sent to the school address, 1064 Crabapple Lane Ider, AL 35981. Make checks payable to Ider Bands.

2014 Drummajor Applications

Copy and Paste the following URL into your address bar on your browser!

Please turn in this application to be considered for the position!


                       Quotes from the Music Department     ____        

Who's the best? .... IHS!!!!!

Don't be that guy!

 Be a solution, not a problem

Attitude is the mind's paintbrush, it can color any situation.

 Stay on Tempo!

Be A Peacock!

All for one, one for all, united we stand, united we fall! 

Sponsored by the Ider School Band Boosters

Thank you to all who support music in our schools. 

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